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The warranty information provided below is a guide, for complete warranty details please refer to the actual 'Limited Warranties' document provided with the sale. If you did not receive a copy of the Limited Warranty and warranty registration information call your supplier immediately. Warranty registration card must be returned to the manufacturer within 10 days of installation and manufacturer must have warranty registration information on file or warranty is void. 

Except as noted warranty coverage is on parts and labor when product is installed at a licensed repair facility only; no labor coverage is provided on self-installed items. Labor will be reimbursed based upon the ALLDATA labor time guide at a maximum of $50 per hour or shop rate, whichever is lower. 

The manufacturer’s warranty is intended to provide coverage for defects in the parts and workmanship of the part provided by the manufacturer only. The manufacturer’s warranty is not intended to cover:

  • Normal wear 

  • Improper maintenance 

  • Failure caused by parts that are not supplied by the manufacturer 

  • Failure resulting from pre-ignition or detonation (usually but not limited to burnt/leaking head gaskets, burnt/melted/broken piston or piston rings, damaged cylinder heads, etc.)

  • Repair or replacement of engine support system including belts, hoses, filters, cooling, fuel, ignition systems, etc. 

  • Repair or replacement resulting from an accident 

  • Products used in competition, racing, off-road or modified applications

  • Failure resulting from abuse or misuse 

  • Failure resulting from electrolysis

  • Products installed in applications not originally equipped with the product purchased

  • Crankshaft thrust surface failure (caused by excessive forward pressure on the crank)

  • Repairs performed or attempted without authorization

  • Damage to the engine caused by stale, contaminated or deteriorated fuel

  • Failure caused by lack of lubrication

  • Failure or damage caused by dirt or debris

  • Failure caused by excessive vibration

  • Failure or component failure caused by use of alternate fuels

Any product repaired or replaced under an approved warranty claim will carry the remainder of the original warranty (the warranty does not start over). This warranty is transferrable with the proper forms and for additional charges.


Manufacturer is not liable for loss of profits, sales, income, injury to person or property, towing charges, rental car expenses, storage fees, telephone expenses, freight, substitute transportation, lodging, fluids, filters, shop expenses or unauthorized repairs. Manufacturer will (at their discretion) repair, replace or refund the product once manufacturer determines the product is defective. All warranty claims are pending the analysis of the failed product.

See actual Limited Warranty document for full details of coverage and restrictions. 

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