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  • Core tag provided must be attached to the unit for proper crediting.

  • All fluids must be drained completely to obtain full credit on any core.

  • Any shipping brackets and packaging/containers must be returned with the core.

  • Expedited shipping is available for an additional charge if you are unsure of core quality and need us to inspect it for credit.


  • The core being returned must be the same engine or head that was supplied; same style, type, displacement.

  • Core being returned must not have visible damage or cracks to the block, crankshaft, connecting rods, or cylinder head(s).

  • Core being returned must be assembled to be sure the core is complete. All main caps, rod caps, and cam caps must be on the core and in their proper position with all bolts.

  • Core must not be a junkyard engine or rusty engine not suitable for rebuilding. These cores will receive $0 credit.

  • Core being returned must be the same build level as supplied; IE if it comes with the oil pan and timing cover, it must have those items on the core when returned.

  • All cores are subject to factory inspection

  • Damaged or broken cores that are not acceptable for full credit may be returned for partial credit, up to a maximum of 50% core value for domestic engines.

  • Cores that are not returned will be charged at full core value.


  • Core being returned must be fully assembled.

  • Broken or welded cases/housings are subject to a maximum 65% core charge for RWD applications, and 80% for FWD applications.

  • Returned core must be must be the same part number that was supplied.

  • Charge for missing torque converter

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